Author: David Devadas

Diwali Gift For UK’s New PM — 130 Years After Pietermaritzburg

So, on Diwali, former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak got the support of enough British MPs to become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom (UK). That happened on Diwali was a coincidence, but must have pleased Sunak no end. Remember, he had very publicly performed gau puja (cow worship) during his earlier

Pakistan Floods Warn Of Himalayan Challenge – Here Too

Melting Himalayan glaciers have contributed to Pakistan’s horrifying floods. This is an opportunity for India, Nepal and Bhutan to take whatever measures they can to prepare for such devastating events.

Pak Floods: CPEC, Chinese War Moves Unsettle J&K’s Environment

Let’s not forget that the current havoc in Pakistan is on the western edge of Jammu and Kashmir – although it has affected areas far beyond. The disaster stems largely from glacier melts in the part of Jammu and Kashmir controlled by Pakistan. Indeed, the heart of the havoc is Swat, which was once considered

Finland’s PM Is A Dancing Queen Of Hearts

I was having cinnamon rolls and coffee with a Finnish friend at one of Helsinki’s better cafes when he asked what I thought of the scandal surrounding Finland’s Prime Minister. (A video showing her dancing with friends has recently become a scandal among the more conservative citizens of Finland.) Archly, I replied that I didn’t

Europe Faces Heating Crisis After Sanctioning Russia

As citizens worry about rising prices, many fear they won’t be able to afford gas to heat their homes this winter “A lot of people will freeze,” says Barbara, grimacing. Barbara is a 70-year-old sculptor in Ruhland, a small town in what was once East Germany. The conversation is about climate change and Green policies,

Propaganda Hasn’t Worked In Kashmir; It Could Even Backfire

Propaganda is a double-edged weapon. And yes, it is a weapon. For the last year or so, the state apparatus has engaged in high-spend messaging in the Kashmir Valley, highlighting ‘normalcy’ and attacking terrorism. Believe it or not, the major vehicle for this effort has been the army and other forces. Officers of such forces

On This Triple Anniversary, India Is Glowing Geopolitically

  Three different anniversaries have come around this 15th of April. It marks 50 days of the war in Ukraine. It’s exactly eight months since the Taliban took Kabul. And today is exactly 22 months since the Galwan battle in Ladakh. The way all three have played out has made India shine geopolitically. Now that

A Huge Proxy War Of World Powers Has Been Kicked Off In Pakistan

Many of us have analysed the ongoing battles in Ukraine as a proxy war by the US against Russia. As proxy contests go, however, that may be outstripped by the trial of strength between the world’s major agencies in the power games that are likely to play out in Pakistan in the next few weeks.

Why Reporters Choose To Face Death To Cover Violence — It’s A Vocation

The killing of a freelance filmmaker-journalist in Ukraine on Sunday stirred up some long-latent memories. I was reminded of the day I learnt the meaning of the word, speechless. I couldn’t utter a sound, try as hard as I might. Not for several interminable minutes. It was the summer of ‘94, and I had just

Opinion: Election Results Brighten Yogi’s Future; Question Is, How Far In The Future?

The just concluded round of assembly elections have churned up two prospective prime ministerial candidates, Yogi Adityanath and Arvind Kejriwal — apart from Mamata Banerjee, who apparently threw her hat in the Goa ring with precisely that national ambition in mind. Aged 49 and 53 respectively, both Yogi and Kejriwal have time on their side.

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