Author: David Devadas

Secessionist provocation from British soil isn’t new; it’s time to act

It is time for the political authorities to step in and take prompt and firm action. This must stop.

Is Pakistan reaching out? If so, drive a suitable bargain – in secret

It is in India’s interest to prevent Pakistan from becoming an outright Chinese colony

Like a Christmas star, inclusive religiosity glows in Kerala

Statue of Mary garlanded with a rosary at one end of a series of Hindu idols and deities’ pictures, Christian families singing Carols in Hindi, analyst David Devadas writes about Kerala's inclusive religiosity

Masud Choudhary personified Gujjar pride in J&K

Senior journalist and author David Devadas writes late Masud Choudhary was an inspiration to two generations of Gujjars, and many others, in the Jammu, Samba, Rajouri, and Poonch regions.

Abdullah and Maharaja both created problems for J&K’s future

Union law minister Kiren Rijiju recently suggested that Maharaja Hari Singh was willing to accede the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir to India in the summer of 1947, but then prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru was unresponsive, since he wanted Sheikh Abdullah to have a leading role. It is true that Nehru gave primacy to

India faced not just Pakistan, but Britain too on Kashmir in 1947

While raking up the past, let us also remember that India took to the UNSC a straight-forward request that, in order to avert war, the UN should make Pakistan withdraw all its personnel from the state, which was now a part of India. Under the British delegation's influence, the UN turned that simple request into an issue for the Security Council to arbitrate between Pakistan and India.

Stop thinking of Galwan as a loss! Indian soldiers were outstanding

The whole story is a bit like Alice in Wonderland. First, a Bollywood starlet decided to troll an army commander. That was bad form. But her comment itself was based on a misconception about what happened at the Battle of Galwan on 15th June 2020. And most of the responses which have slammed her for

What India Can Learn From Kherson’s Fall

Author and analyst David Devadas argues that Indian wargamers must take lessons on how Chinese supply lines could be disrupted – and Indian diplomats must ensure that Western and Asian countries share intelligence that allows pinpoint targeting.

Mid-Terms Dimmed Trump’s Prospects, But Could Ivanka Step In?

Several right-wing Indian thinkers would be disappointed by the US mid-term election results. They would have hoped these polls would be a springboard for Donald Trump’s triumphant march back to power in 2025. For, they would expect a Trump presidency to be good for a Modi-led India. (It would be — though Biden has not

Sino-Pak Axis, Tactical Nukes Pose Dangers To PoK Takeover

Recent statements of defence minister Rajnath Singh and the corps commander in Srinagar reveal that some of those in authority are considering aggressive moves to retake areas of Jammu and Kashmir that are currently controlled by Pakistan, widely referred as “Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir”.  Referring to a 1994 parliamentary resolution, Singh, during his recent J&K visit, said India’s

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