Author: Arindam Mukherjee

Introducing Gilgit Baltistan: A 21st century Pakistani ‘colony’ – Part 2

For Pakistan, a country that depends on Indus, India reclaiming G-B would be nothing short of a hydropolitical nightmare (even if one discounts the direct India Afghanistan land connection). So how is Pakistan pre-empting a situation like that?

Introducing Gilgit Baltistan: A 21st century Pakistani ‘colony’ – Part 1

G-B remains a part of Jammu and Kashmir but is currently under Pakistan’s illegal occupation

Wokeism as a geopolitical tool

The ugly head of wokeism in India has conveniently created a ‘minority oppressor’ for the lack of a ‘minority oppressed’ class

Is the West silently recalibrating its priorities?

There are signals coming out from the members of the West; signals that indicate that there is a realization of the cost of the ongoing conflict.

India as a geopolitical ‘Pivot’ – Part 2

The ‘nationalist’ government in India has quickly learnt to prostrate before the West-led liberal lobby.

India as a geopolitical ‘Pivot’ – Part 1

Why does prominent geopolitical analyst Robert Kaplan tag India as a 'pivot state'?

Geopolitics of Indian partition – Part 2

By 1945, England realised that their time for military projection around the world was over. They had no choice other than to leave their resource-dead colonies behind. They did not have the financial bandwidth to sustain that big an overseas periphery, especially when the periphery had been reduced to a consumer depot. And a reluctant

Geopolitics of Indian partition – Part I

The Partition remains one of the most examined, criticised, and debated incidents in our history – a fair probability of an essay or two exists.

FIFA and virtue signalling 

Oxford (Google search) defines ‘virtue-signalling’ as: The public expression of opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character or social conscience or the moral correctness or one’s position on a particular issue. Cambridge simplifies it further: An attempt to show other people that you are a good person. After 70 years of worldwide self-esteem

All is not well on the Western Front

In an article  The New Indian published a few months back, I had shared updates on how the Western media had launched their offensive against President Zelensky; how they thought he was a corrupt man responsible not only for money laundering and making a fortune for himself in the process, but how he was also partially

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