Author: Arindam Mukherjee

Hiroshima’s glitz, Kazan’s substance: A tale of two summits

In midst of media frenzy surrounding Hiroshima, geopolitical implications discussed at low-key KazanForum paints a contrasting picture of global engagement

Imran Khan’s rollercoaster ride: Twists, turns in Pakistani Politics

Pakistan’s political landscape is in turmoil, with Imran Khan’s acrobatics, surprising twists in US interests, and hidden power plays within the Pakistan Army. As the political circus unfolds, the future looks uncertain for Khan

Türkiye & the Erdogan-Kilicdaroglu Sunday showdown

Erdogan is one of the foremost representatives of a multipolar world, along with Xi and Putin.

India must step up its game to come out of Western shadows

The ones on the side of the West are against India prioritizing transactional behaviour over blind allegiance to the West.

Sudan’s troubles have just started

Even if the present civil war has caught the West by surprise, whoever emerges victorious is likely to face a West-orchestrated destabilization in the near future.

Poonch attack a lesson for Indians sympathising with Pakistan

Since India has the advantage now of choosing the place, time, or the mode, the options are many. Breakaway provinces (KPK, the Durand ‘zone’, Baluchistan, G-B), civil unrest, Punjabi racism, economic turmoil – it is almost an open season with the right kind of intent and strategy.

The Afghan legacy in Ukraine and Taiwan 

Proxy wars have existed for a long time, but the Afghan conflict marked the most notable return of proxy warfare in contemporary times.

Rediscovering legacy of US policy thinker Zbigniew Brzezinski

One of the common temptations that I submit to every year as my birthday approaches is to Google up the famous Aries of our times. The throw-up remains cluttered with the usual assortment of the well-known: Charlie Chaplin, Eric Clapton, Robert Downey Jr, or Mukesh Ambani and Akshay Kumar closer home. However, this year, and

Why is West suddenly interested in Rahul Gandhi case?

What is the West’s interest in the Rahul Gandhi defamation case and the court verdict?

NATO paradox and other American miscalculations

As the conflict in Ukraine begins to look like a key marker paging the end of unipolarity, one cannot help but look back at two of the four big miscalculations of the USA

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