AAP Workers Stage Protest Outside Legislative Assembly; Injured In Stampede

| Updated : December 14, 2021, 5:08 pm
Updated : December 14, 2021, 5:08 pm


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AAP workers clash with Himachal Pradesh Police

DHARMSHALA: Several Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) workers were injured in a scuffle with the local police during a protest near the legislative assembly complex on Monday. The AAP workers were protesting the rising prices, unemployment and alleged poor governance of the ruling BJP in this hill state. The scuffle ensued after the police force tried to stop them from entering the restricted area near the legislative assembly complex.

Hordes of workers started marching towards the complex of Himachal Pradesh legislative assembly, where winter session is underway, during noon hours. The police force deployed outside the Vidhan Sabha complex tried to stop the agitating mob. This led to a stampede, during which many workers were injured.

Mamta Thakur, president of the AAP women wing in the state, fainted during the protest and received injuries. Picture of an old person bleeding from nose also went viral on social media platforms.

Mamta Thakur, HP state president of female wing of AAP


The protest was being headed by Anoop Kesari, a lawyer. The protestors raised slogans against both BJP and Congress. They especially accused the current BJP government for its apathy and inability to address the long-pending demands of the people of the state.

Wearing necklaces made up of vegetables, they held placards criticising price hike on kitchen gas cylinders. Raising slogans such as ‘Jairam tum ek kam karo, kursi chodo aram karo‘, they criticised the chief minister and his policies. This group was soon joined by others who were protesting over other issues. These protestors included youths who were demanding jobs on the compensatory grounds as well as members of a taxi union that has been protesting against the government policies related to their industry.

The police, meanwhile, have refused to comment. It is assumed that police were acting to avoid any security breach, especially following the incidence of protest staged by upper caste people on the first day of the assembly session. Few vehicles were damaged and barricades were broken during that protest.

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