Chapati Boxes, RFIDs In Jaipur’s New Cleanliness Plan

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By: Parul Kulshreshta
Updated: July 26, 2022 11:07

JAIPUR: To improve sanitation system in the Jaipur Greater Municipal Corporation, mayor Soumya Gurjar and commissioner Mahendra Soni flagged off new 65 hoppers from Malviya Nagar zone on Monday.

As part of the new work plan, the municipal corporation will install a separate box for people to drop spare chapatis (bread) for cows. “These boxes will also be installed in hoppers,” mayor Gurjar said.

Partition has also been made for wet and dry waste inside the hoppers.


The mayor said that the city’s cleanliness system will get a new impetus under the new sanitation system.

With implementation of the new plan, the number of hoppers in Malviya Nagar zone has been increased to 65 from 63, boosting the collection capacity to 1200 kg from 700 kg.

Old hoppers of the Malviya Nagar zone can now be given to other zones as per the requirement, Commissioner Mahendra Soni informed, adding that the process of tender has also been completed for Murlipura zone.

Separate hoppers have been fixed for each ward, on which the ward number has been marked.

Under the action plan, house-to-house surveys are being conducted by the firm for the next three months and different RFIDs will be generated per household. The card will be attached to every household that will be swiped once the hopper has collected garbage from there.

A control room will also be established by the firm at the zone office level for real-time monitoring of work, officials said.


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